Using TLB To Teach Transnational Litigation

One of our goals in creating TLB was to compile a set of educational resources for students and teachers. As we gear up for a new academic year, we will be running a series of posts highlighting TLB content that may be useful to professors of Civil Procedure, Foreign Relations Law, International Business Transactions (IBT), and Conflict of Laws. This initial post will begin by describing how teachers of Transnational Litigation might use TLB to build or supplement their syllabus. This post and subsequent posts will be accessible at our new Teaching Resources page.

Topic Pages and Primers

TLB has a growing number of “primers” keyed to each topic page. These primers can serve as general introductions for students, akin to background material in a casebook. They also link to more in-depth posts and resources.

In addition to these primers, the topic pages include links to core primary documents (like cases, treaties, and statutes) that teachers may wish to assign, as well as major works of scholarship for those interested in additional readings. Relevant blog posts are also gathered on each topic page in reverse chronological order. Teachers might direct students to review recent posts as a method for building awareness of current developments and generating ideas or questions for discussion boards.

A Model Syllabus

To build a full syllabus, teachers may want to combine primers, primary resources identified on the topic pages, and individual blog posts that highlight recent developments or historical context. Here are some sample modules for a Transnational Litigation course:

Personal Jurisdiction

Foreign Sovereigns in U.S. Courts

Choice of Law and State Law

 Choice-of-Law Clauses and Forum Selection Clauses

Prescriptive Jurisdiction and Extraterritoriality

International Judicial Assistance: Service of Process

International Judicial Assistance: Discovery

  • Société Nationale Industrielle Aérospatiale v. U.S. Dist. Court for the S. Dist. of Iowa, 482 U.S. 522 (1987) (linked from Discovery topic page)
  • Convention on the Taking of Evidence Abroad in Civil or Commercial Matters, 847 U.N.T.S. 231 (linked from Discovery topic page)
  • 28 U.S.C. § 1782 (linked from Discovery topic page)
  • Intel Corp. v. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc., 542 U.S. 241 (2004) (linked from Discovery topic page)
  • ZF Automotive: Closing a Door, Opening a Window

Managing Parallel Litigation

Forum Non Conveniens

Act of State and Comity Abstention

Recognizing and Enforcing Foreign Judgments

Emerging Issues in Transnational Litigation