In our interconnected world, disputes often cross national borders–yet it is domestic courts that typically must resolve them. Failed business deals, human rights violations, mishaps on family vacations, counterfeit imported goods, and global cartels may all show up in the courthouse down the street. These transnational cases raise unique issues that cut across areas of academic and professional expertise, including federalism, foreign affairs, conflict of laws, international law, and civil procedure. TLB provides a forum for scholars and practicing lawyers to explore these issues and their relevance to business, politics, and people’s lives.

We understand “transnational litigation” to encompass cases in domestic courts that involve transactions, parties, conduct, or evidence located in another country. Our primary focus is on transnational litigation in U.S. courts (both state and federal). We cover notable new cases and recent scholarship and provide commentary on decisions and developments. We also aim to provide background information on key doctrines and canonical literature to assist those new to the field.

Our goal is for TLB to become a go-to resource for practitioners, academics, students, journalists, and the general public, whether to learn about specific issues or cases or to stay abreast of new developments. Along the way, we hope to develop a community for lawyers particularly interested in transnational litigation. We welcome suggestions and feedback, and we encourage you to subscribe for updates about new posts and upcoming events.

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