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There are many law school classes that have a connection to transnational litigation, including Civil Procedure, International Business Transactions, Conflict of Laws, U.S. Foreign Relations Law, and Transnational Litigation. The posts below contain links to a wealth of materials - blog posts, primers, cases, statutes, treaties, and charts - that may be incorporated into each of these classes.


Reflections on the New Edition of International Civil Litigation in United States Courts

Over twenty years ago, a horrible accident occurred at the ski resort of Kaprun, Austria.  At that time, I was a young attorney working at a European law firm.  The firm’s partners read about new lawsuits, filed in the United States, that threatened to bring all the procedural tools of the United States judicial system…

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Using TLB to Teach Foreign Relations Law

This post discusses Foreign Relations Law as part of our series explaining how professors can use resources on TLB to teach various classes. Previous posts have discussed Transnational Litigation, Civil Procedure, International Business Transactions, and Conflict of Laws. Although TLB focuses on litigation, and although Foreign Relations Law classes cover many topics that are rarely litigated, there is…

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Using TLB to Teach Conflict of Laws

This post continues our series explaining how professors can use resources on TLB to teach various classes. Previous posts have discussed Transnational Litigation, Civil Procedure, and International Business Transactions. This post discusses Conflict of Laws. All of these posts are accessible at our new Teaching Resources page. Primers and Topic Pages The field of conflict…

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