Transnational Litigation

Transnational litigation is litigation involving persons, events, or transactions with a connection to more than one country. In the United States, transnational litigation may occur in state or federal court.  The term encompasses ordinary commercial disputes between parties in different nations, multi-jurisdictional patent wars, and claims based on international human rights law. Transnational litigation cases raise a host of unique issues relating to procedural rules, private contracts, federal statutes, state law, and international treaties.

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What Does the State Department Think About the Transit Pipelines Treaty?

On February 8, 2024, the Seventh Circuit heard argument in Bad River Band v. Enbridge Energy Co. Enbridge, a Canadian company, owns and operates a pipeline that transports light crude oil and natural gas liquids from Canadian oil fields to the United States and Ontario. The Bad River Band of Chippewa Indians sued Enbridge for…

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Top 10 Posts of 2023

Many of our most popular pages in 2023 were our topic pages and primers, as we highlighted yesterday. We are grateful that our library of resources is proving useful to you, our readers. Beyond that evergreen content, here is a count-down of our 10 most-read posts of 2023: 10. Second Circuit Rejects Consent-Based Jurisdiction over…

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TLB in 2023

We at TLB are grateful for both the breadth and the depth of engagement by you, our readers. Here is our year at TLB by the numbers:

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