Using TLB to Teach Conflict of Laws

This post continues our series explaining how professors can use resources on TLB to teach various classes. Previous posts have discussed Transnational Litigation, Civil Procedure, and International Business Transactions. This post discusses Conflict of Laws. All of these posts are accessible at our new Teaching Resources page.

Primers and Topic Pages

The field of conflict of laws covers three primary topics: (1) personal jurisdiction, (2) choice of law, and (3) enforcement of judgments. TLB has published posts on each of these. TLB has also published a growing number of “primers” on topics relevant to Conflict of Laws, including choice of law clauses, extraterritoriality, foreign judgments, and forum selection clauses. These primers are a good way to bring students up to speed quickly on a topic. Each primer links to more in-depth posts and resources.

In addition to these primers, TLB’s topic pages include links to important primary materials—including cases, statutes, and treaties—as well as significant works of scholarship. The topic pages also collect recent posts in reverse chronological order, providing opportunities to build students’ awareness of current developments and spark class discussion.

A Selection of Relevant Posts

Below are some suggestions of relevant posts dealing with areas often covered in Conflict of Laws. The order generally follows the organization of Conflict of Laws: Cases and Materials (8th edition, 2019), by Brilmayer, Goldsmith, O’Hara O’Connor, and Vazquez. Professors can easily rearrange the topics, however, if they are using other books or their own materials.

Choice of Law

Personal Jurisdiction

 Enforcement of Foreign Judgments


Choice of Law Clauses

Forum Selection Clauses