PGA v. LIV: Golf, Discovery, Immunity and PIF — The Saudi Arabian Sovereign Wealth Fund

Just as the competition between PGA Tour and LIV Golf has divided the golf world, so too may the immunity issues raised by the litigation divide legal experts. Sadly, this post is pretty weak in terms of golf puns – par for the course in legal writing about immunities – but it does address interesting…

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Material Support of Terrorism Looms over Supreme Court’s Social Media Case

On February 22, 2023, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Twitter v. Taamneh. The case concerns an act of violence committed by ISIS in a Turkish nightclub in 2017. In bringing suit in the lower courts, plaintiffs alleged that Twitter, Facebook, and Google aided and abetted ISIS’s attack, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §…

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Happy Holidays

TLB is taking a break for the holidays. We will return to blogging on Tuesday, January 3.

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We hope that our readers near and far have a great Thanksgiving — or a wonderful weekend, if you do not celebrate the holiday.  We are thankful for our audience and we invite your comments and suggestions about TLB. Contact us at: Ingrid.wuerth@vanderbilt.edu.

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Sanctions and Terrorism

We have launched a new topic page on sanctions and terrorism. Sanctions are a critically important and highly controversial tool of foreign policy for many countries, especially the United States. Many sanctions do not result in litigation. Some do, however, and sanctions cases can produce very large judgments, especially in terrorism-related cases.  Sanctions litigation also…

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Job Opportunities at the American Society of International Law

The American Society of International Law (ASIL) is hiring for several positions, including Executive Director.  They also have fellowships for students and other opportunities.  More information here.

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