Mark Your Calendars!  Transnational Litigation Events at 2023 ASIL Annual Meeting

On March 29 – April 1, the American Society of International Law will hold its 117th Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. Registration is open for a few more hours, until March 27 at 3:30pm ET.  There are several events that may be of particular interest to TLB readers.

Ingrid will convene the Eighth Annual Vagts Roundtable on Transnational Law. This topic this year is Sanctions, Immunity, and Central Bank Assets. The presenter is Anton Moiseienko, and the discussants are Chiara Giorgetti, Maryam Jamshidi (TLB Contributor), and Philippa Webb (TLB Advisor). Background reading here, here, and here. Thursday from 12-1:00pm, in Columbia 11-12

Bill will speak as part of a session on The Restatement (Fourth) of the Foreign Relations Law of the United States: A Listening Session. The panelists will describe the plans going forward and hear suggestions about upcoming work on customary international law, executive agreements, official immunity, and additional topics.  Other speakers are John Bellinger, Curt Bradley (TLB Advisor), Oona Hathaway (TLB Contributor), and Harold Koh (TLB Advisor). Background reading here and here. Friday from 9-10am, in Columbia 3-4.

Other events related to transnational litigation include:

Compliance with Investment Arbitration Awards and the Limits of International Law, Thursday, 9-10am, in Columbia 1-2.

Will the Right to a Healthy Environment Transform Transnational Dispute Resolution?, Thursday, 9-10am, in Columbia 5-8.

Debt Architecture in Transition, Thursday, 2-3pm, in Columbia 5-8.

The Future of International Economic Law, Friday, 9-10am, in Columbia 1-2.

Regulating States’ Sovereign Rights under Today’s Global Challenges, Friday, 12-1pm, in Columbia 1-2.

Synergy or Dissonance on Business and Human Rights?, Friday, 2:30-3:30pm, in Columbia 1-2.

Economic Statecraft or Economic Warfare?, Friday, 4-5pm, in Columbia 11-12.

You can search for others by going to the Program & Agenda and clicking on Sort by “Content Type” and selecting Track 2, Transnational Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution or Track 3, International Trade, Investment, and Finance.