Zachary Clopton Joins TLB as Editor

Starting today, I will be joining TLB as an editor. I am excited to take on this new role as I am an avid consumer of the blog, as well as an occasional contributor.

There are a few topics in particular that I hope to write more about in the future. I am very interested in climate change litigation, including the ways it intersects with foreign affairs. I have done academic work on international issues in class actions and complex litigation—a topic that continues to be important to scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. I also think a lot about institutional arrangements. Which actors (e.g., courts, legislatures, agencies) should be making important decisions in international cases? And, of course, who can resist writing about extraterritoriality and choice of law?

I also hope to use the blog to start conversations and try out ideas that might lead to bigger projects. The blog format is perfect for these sorts of trial balloons, especially with such an engaged and expert audience. So, if you have thoughts about my posts, I would love to hear them.



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