TLB in 2023

2008/2009 by Stuart Williams (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 DEED)

As we prepare to ring in the new year, we at TLB are grateful for both the breadth and the depth of engagement by you, our readers. Our goals continue to be three-fold: to build a community of scholars and practitioners who share an interest in transnational litigation; to provide reliable background information for newcomers and experts alike; and to track new developments in U.S. courts and policy circles. Here is our year at TLB by the numbers:

  • Our community is global. The 10 most common locations of our readers are the United States (at about 60%), the United Kingdom (4%), China (3%), India (2%), Germany (2%), Canada (2%), the Philippines (2%), Australia (1.5%), France (1.5%), and the Netherlands (1.5%).
  • Our community is growing. The number of visitors to the site more than doubled from 2022 (our inaugural year). Currently, around 6,000 unique readers visit TLB each month.
  • Our community is engaged. We published posts by 34 new contributors in 2023. And nearly 500 of you have subscribed to receive weekly recaps of TLB posts sent directly to your inbox.
  • You are using TLB’s background materials … Out of the ten most-visited pages on TLB this year, eight of them were primers and topic pages. The most popular primers were those on choice of law, forum selection clauses, and forum non conveniens. Our most popular topic pages were international comity, choice-of-law clauses, and extraterritoriality. Given the popularity of these resources, we recently added a new topic page and primer on family law, and we have started adding audio recordings to existing primers.
  • … and reading our new developments. We will run tomorrow a list of our top 10 most popular posts from 2023 (setting aside the primers and topic pages). Half of these most popular posts reported on new developments in legislation or major cases. We plan to carry more such reporting in 2024.

We welcome suggestions and feedback on how to make TLB more useful for you in the new year! And finally, our heartfelt thanks to Matthew Hornung for his tireless behind-the-scenes work this year in maintaining and expanding our website.