Swathi Rajan

Santa Clara Law School


Swathi Rajan is currently a third-year law student at Santa Clara Law School. Swathi previously earned a PhD in English Literature from University of Pittsburgh and wrote her dissertation on South Asian artists who chose to circumvent the role of representing their cultures to readers around the world. She worked as a writer and lecturer before attending law school.

Posts by Swathi Rajan

Section 230 and the Presumption Against Extraterritoriality

The Ninth Circuit opinion in Gonzalez v. Google (2021) raises important questions about how the presumption against extraterritoriality applies to immunity defenses invoked by social media companies under 47 U.S.C. § 230.Section 230 shields internet companies from civil liability for user-generated content hosted on their platforms. Gonzalezholds, effectively, that there is no conceivable application of…

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