Chris Ewell

EarthRights International


Chris Ewell is a graduate of Yale Law School, Class of 2022. He is an incoming 2022-2024 Bertha Justice Fellow at EarthRights International in Washington, D.C. His legal focus areas are transnational litigation, international human rights, and environmental protection. He has previously worked at Greenpeace and as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines. Chris has a B.A. in International Relations and Environmental Studies from New York University.

Posts by Chris Ewell

Has the Alien Tort Statute Made a Difference?

In a globalized and interconnected world, human rights litigation has, by necessity, become transnational. For decades, the Alien Tort Statute (ATS) was viewed as a beacon of American justice for foreign victims of human rights violations. However, a series of Supreme Court decisions—most recently the paired cases of Nestlé USA, Inc. v. Doe and Cargill,…

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